Room 6 – The Woolford Family

Room 6

George and Lilly Woolford were an important link in the early days of Show Low. They operated the ACMI dry goods store. George was a deputy county sheriff and served as Justice of the Peace, he was a carpenter and a part-time dentist, if your died of a tooth infection George could build you a coffin to be buried in. Lilly ran the small motel and cafe, her grandchildren have shared their memories of the wonderful meals she would prepare for her family and often strangers at no charge. Descendants of George and Lillie have been a vital link in the making of the Show Low Museum, still living and working in the town of Show Low. The Woolford family has shared George’s desk and chair, early day telephones, ledger books, dentist tools, and Lillie’s phonograph, her daughters beautiful sewn wedding dress along with the sewing machine that made the dress. Numerous fashion items of the time, and family portraits.

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