Room 5 – EB Lewis


Eb was the owner of the Cash & Carry Antique Store, located on the Deuce of Clubs. He was a  fun-loving, generous, dedicated man to his family, church and communities. The 4th of July parade was a favorite time for Eb so he could display his newest invention in advertising. Much to the delight of the parade viewers. In the Lewis room you will see a motorized washing machine that Eb used for advertising his store. Eb had many talents, he was an artist, silver smith, collector, tradesman, and Bishop of the Show Low LDS church. In this exhibit you will enjoy many of Eb’s hand-made items including the cannon he built, and on a test trial he blew out the back of his store. A mountain lion pelt along with the hand made spear he used to bag the lion. Stories and newspaper articles line the walls telling of Eb Lewis’s life, a man who contributed countless hours of his time so that Show Low and surrounding communities would be prepared to face the challenges of growth.

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