Room 4

This exhibit is the most sobering in the museum. In early June of 2002 a human created fire began, it was called the Rodeo Fire. The weather was hot and extremely dry, the fire grew quickly. In a few short days, another human created fire was started to the north of the Rodeo fire, it was called the Chediski fire. The two fires merged into one raging monster destroying 468,638 acres of beautiful forested lands and burning over four hundred seventy buildings in its path of fury. The combined fire was not brought under control until July7, 2002, at that time it was the fourth largest fire in United States history. The fire was bearing down on Show Low with all its might, just four miles from the Show Low Museum, the fire slowed down and our town was spared. You will see burnt items, artifacts, pictures, and personal stories of archived information about the fire from its inception to the current efforts of forest and wildlife rehabilitation

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