Room 15 – Old Business Room

Room 15

The Old Show Low Business room tells the story beginning with a wall of pine paneling. The trees were harvested from the forest of the White Mountains. Cattle brands have been burned into the wood depicting the areas ranching industry. There are photos of early business’s owned and operated by families of Show Low. Several artifacts ie: Show Low’s first business computer used at Frontier Bank, several classic cash registers, vintage notary stamp seals, office equipment used in the lumber industry. Gone are the ranching and lumber business for many, today we have a sense of pride in our growing community where our residents find all four seasons to enjoy. Hence our modern-day trade is tourism. Show Low has a strong economic foundation laid by our fore fathers for continued growth in business and a healthy environment for families.

To view a You Tube video,made by the City of Show Low, for the Early Business Room.

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